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Online marketing is key of every business to get success in this present world. So lets have an example how you can achieve sales targeted by you in a particular timeframe for your business. You can increase sales and generate leads by this example. Here I am explaining with a example of home appliances repair services.

As we know home appliances are very important part of everyone life in present time. No one can think without electronic appliances. Because they make our life easy. But Most of the time it difficult when these things need some repairing. This time to search a good technical expert who can repair it with reasonable prices.
Washing machine repair services: Washing machine is a need of every family. And we can see a lot of repairing agency available in the market. And they are well in their work but need is to marketing their business so that get more order in city like gurugram, delhi, pune etc. Where people use online mediam rather than offline.
Method of Marketing for home appliances services:
1 offline method: offline method includes poster, banner, pamphlets, door to door marketing etc. Which is not in trend in present era? By this method you can only get customer in a limitation. Near to your locality or area only.
2. Online method : In India more than 50% population use mobile and internet in this time. Due to good internet facility most of person convert their business from offline to online. So it is important to understand all the methods of online marketing for appliances repair
A. Through a website: The agency who deliver services can make their website from a website designer and can put all their information like rate card, time availability and warranty. When a person need these services he can directly call or visit their website.
B. Bulk SMS OR Email : second method is bulk email or sms of all data which he can purchase from any agency. Like an agency want to deliver services in gurgaon then he can buy data of gurgaon and put his promotional sms to all gurgaon residents in a second.
C. Google ads: This method is also in very trend in present digital India. When an technical man make their website they first do their google ads so that get more calls and business. This is very fast way to get in to market but this is too expensive also.
D. Social media: By this method you can give your business ads through social media and get popular. People can know about you and your business.
Advantage of Online method of marketing for electronic appliances :
Vast approachability: This is first and most important benefit of online marketing that an ads can reach more than lakhs people in a single click. Your advertisement is not limited. You can send information as far as want in some seconds. Business is limited not only in some boundaries but expand as much as you want. Cost effective: This method is very cheap and cost effective. If you have normal budget you can do your business online. On the same time you can expand your work in many cities in a single time. For this no need to open separate offices but you can manages your website on sitting in a single place. So getting online of your services is best way to competition and getting edge.